The Sultanate of Oman combines modernity and ancient past in keeping with the legacy and heritage of the past. The Sultanate combines ancient customs, hospitality, simplicity and landscaping that charms the hearts, not to mention its keenness to develop its infrastructure.
Tourism in Oman has a different taste. The country is characterized by the tranquility and safety that every traveler needs in his travel. The era of tourism in Oman is very close, so it is not crowded with tourist trips like other famous areas, thus providing an excellent environment for escape from the fuss and bustle of work. The city is packed with a variety of landscapes, from mountains to enchanting beaches, green forests, historic castles and fortresses. Oman is characterized by an oriental flavor in everything. It is rich in civilization and historical stories and is full of beautiful traditions. Protected Data and the mountains of Oman's unique, famous for diving, climbing by sports lovers’ mountain adventures, sports horses and camel riding, and finally attracts you in this country simply people and their spirit gentle and welcoming visitors clear and their generosity.
Really get back to basics with this way of travelling. Enjoy this trip into Oman upon the ship of the back of this animal without falling off is a challenge, but the balance is the key to a comfortable journey. Climb up and set off on our camel adventure tour.


For those who want to discover the Sultanate without renouncing luxury, Arab Adventures also offers customized solutions for days of discovery and evenings immersed in maximum relaxation.
The more adventurous can instead choose the "Self Drive Assisted" program: equipped for camping and expeditions in the Sultanate, travellers can combine safety and pleasure to explore this wonderful country independently.
Whether it be the discovery of the vastness of the desert, the crossing of the mountains, the exploration of remote and uninhabited areas or experiencing the fascinating culture of Omani, Arab Adventures will offer unique and unforgettable experiences, during which discover the true essence of 'Oman.


The motto of Arab Adventures is "the spirit of adventure", but that does not mean improvising! Our trips are organized with the utmost attention to every detail to offer an exclusive and unforgettable experience, which allows you to experience the desert in an authentic way without sacrificing comfort.
The off-road vehicles used during the excursions are extremely reliable, specially prepared to face the difficult conditions of the desert, equipped with refrigerators and freezers to always have water and cool drinks.
A high-end treatment that is also reflected in our tented camps, true oases of relaxation in the heart of the desert. Here you can rest in large equipped tents, wash in comfortable field showers and enjoy typical Omanis dishes prepared on the spot by our staff with fresh ingredients.

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OUR GOALS The primary goals of Arab Adventures are to live our mission statement, strive to gain the respect and trust of our guests, and continue to be a leader in the tourism industry. We achieve this through dedicated hard work and commitment from each and every individual of our unified team members.

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  • The big cities at the crossroads between modernity and tradition, the silence and the colors of the desert, the crystalline green of the ocean, the villages where time seems to have stopped: the Al Koor tours let you know all the nuances of Oman, charming country from the ancient culture.
    Rola Martin
  • The excitement and wonder of the desert nights, surrounded by tall dunes of fine sand and a bright starry sky. An unforgettable experience that combines the authentic spirit of the desert and all the comfort of our tented camps.
    Atep Tart