CEO and Founder

Amur Al Rawahi

He Was born in Oman in the mountains near Muscat. Amur loves the desert and "his" mountains and enjoys every minute he can be outdoors. He knows a lot about the history of his country and, of course, the traditions of the Bedouin tribes. Amur has been working in tourism for years, is very experienced in leading groups, is reliable and always has a smile on her face. He likes to philosophize about life in the evening campfire. Amur Al-Rawahi established Arab Adventures Tours in 2012 and he speaks German, English and Italian.

Our Team

Highly Qualified

We have a team of highly qualified tour guides who work without complacency and are very polite. Most of our crew has experience in tourist places and full knowledge of all the developments that occur in the world of tourism in the world and what is useful for the Sultanate of Oman. And a team also welcomes all visitors and receives all races without preference to anyone.
Passionate and charismatic, our Khaki-clad crew are the friendly faces that will greet you upon your arrival and fill you in on all the juicy details as you unveil the eco-wonderland of Oman with us.