About tour guide:

We have a team of highly qualified tour guides who work without complacency and are very polite. Most of our crew has experience in tourist places and full knowledge of all the developments that occur in the world of tourism in the world and what is useful for the Sultanate of Oman. And a team also welcomes all visitors and receives all races without preference to anyone.
Passionate and charismatic, our Khaki-clad crew are the friendly faces that will greet you upon your arrival and fill you in on all the juicy details as you unveil the eco-wonderland of Oman with us.

Ail AL Wahaibi

He is born in desert. Its character instills serenity and security. His smile and proud look give him the title of prince. Then it turns out that he is camel rider and knows all kinds of Camel .The desert knows him beyond the borders of Oman.
Were it for him, GPS would be banned: he would orient himself with the sun, the moon, the stars and the wind.

Issa AL Maashani

When he passes through the dunes, he hears the melodies of his songs and of the Houd (typical Omani stringed instrument) that plays masterfully.
With his off-road vehicle he looks like a conductor who transforms the notes of the pentagram of his land into a concert of passion that he transmits to everyone.
From a distance it can be heard singing. The singer-songwriter of the desert.


He speaks perfect English, German, Italian and turns every idea into a tour that will always be remembered. As a good geologist he has the skills to make even the less trained eye appreciate the layers that have given form and life to Oman. Read the dunes by deciphering each grain of sand.
On board a 4x4, he looks like a surfer in the dunes! Having it next door is a guarantee.

Asaad AL-Hattaly

Go forward straight, with firm but firm step. Scrutinize the sandy horizon in search of the right path and safe for others and for themselves. He misses the armor but looks like a warrior. He does not speak much but his eyes express the awareness of belonging to the desert.