We have a team of highly qualified in their roles who work without complacency. Our team has the necessary knowledge of tourism development in the world and what is good to be implemented in Oman for our clients.

Get Know About Our Team

Ali AL-Wahaibi

He is the right guy to guide you in the desert. Desert is like his home as he is born in desert. He is camel rider and knows all kinds of Camels .He doesn't need GPS, he can find his way using the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and the wind.
His Statement "I Feel Home".

Issa AL-Maashani

He is funny guy. He loves singing while driving or walking among the dunes. He finds himself with the silence of the desert.
His statement "Sing and Find the Peace".

Nasser Al-Harthi

He is our Central Point guy. He has a great passion to develop the business and keep the band with the clients.
He always repeats his statement "Our Clients are Our Concern".


He speaks English, German, Italian. He is creative and always finds alternative ways to make the tours unforgettable. He is good in Geology.
His Statement "Beyond What You See".

Asaad AL-Hattaly

He is step by step person. He isn't talkative but his answers are always clear and pointed. He is kind of person who always looks for new knowledge.
His Statement "Be Listener Be Updated".